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Hansen Honey Farm Package Bees

Whether you are a current beekeeper or just starting out, Hansen Honey Farm offers resale package bees every spring. We will be getting our bees from C.F. Koehnen, Freisen Apiaries, and Steve Park Apiaries in Northern California. We are adding more producers this year, to bring more genetic diversity to our area. Since we are unable to guarantee that a specific queen type will be available from the producers, we will not be offering a choice of queen on the order form. We plan to have both Italian and Caniolan Queen packages available at time of pick-up. They will be offered on a first come, first served basis. The Cordovan Italian is well known for being prolific, gentle and a rapid spring build up. The Carniolan is bred for beekeepers in the cooler northern states. Due to the high demand of honey bees the prices have gone up again and are expected to sell out. We are doing away with the cage fees and credits. Our hope is that you will return the cages in good, reusable condition. We will be offering two locations for you to pick up your package bees, in the north, Rhinelander, Wisconsin and in the south, Waukesha, Wisconsin. WE DO NOT MAIL PACKAGE BEES. We are expecting to distribute packages in Waukesha in early-April and in Rhinelander in mid-April(weather permitting). Our pricing is very competitive. To reserve packages, please send an order using the form below.

2 pound packages will only be sold in quantities of 100 or more. Please call for pricing and availability.

2015 Prices
Number of Packages3 Pound Package With Queen
100+ (Call for availability)$104

Download the 2015 Package Bees Order Form

You can pay for your order by mailing a check or mailing or calling with your credit card number. If you want to pay for your bees online, calculate the total amount and then go to PayPal's Send Money Link. Use the email address chris@hansenhoneyfarm.com and enter the total amount to pay. Press "Send Money", choose "Goods or Services" and follow PayPal's instructions. Either before or after you pay please email or mail the order form in.

Package Bees