2017 Packaged Honey bees Rhinelander - SOLD OUT


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2017 Package Bees    

(Pick up Only) (Sold OUT)

Our Package Bees and Queens only come from Northern California from many breeders. Focusing on gentleness, honey production, and overwintering. The bees will come in in April and Early May**. You will be notified by email prior to pick up. Choice of Italian or Carnoilan queen will be available at time of pick up only, and will be on a first come first serve bases.  

Quantity Discounts, 2 Pound Packages 1-9 $105.00                   3 Pound Packages 1-9 $123.00
                                                               10-24 $103.00                                                10-24 $121.00                                                                                                       25-99 $101.00                                        25-99 $119.00
                                                                100+ $99.00                                                  100+ $117.00 

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      When checking out, select the ( Pay by Card or Check ) payment option and send in the correct payment amount. 

There will also be a $.01 per package flat rate shipping fee added at the time of check out, this is part of the package cost. 

We Recommend the 3 pound Package for faster spring build up in northern climates.

** Dates will be available closer to Spring, and may change with little notice due to weather conditions and transportation. We will do our best to keep you up to date.