New Beekeeper Complete Hive Kit

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The New Beekeeper Complete Hive Kit, has everything you need to start keeping bees (Bees not included, check out our package bees for availability and location). This starter kit includes:

    1-Reversible bottom board

    2-Deep Brood Box with Frames and Foundation

    2-6 5/8" Honey Supers with Frames and Foundation

    1-set Inner & Outer Cover

    1-Plastic Queen Excluder 

    1- 4 X 7 Stainless steel Smoker

    1-1lb Smoker Fuel

    1- Economy Hive Tool

    1-Frame Grabber

    1-Bee Brush

    1-Economy Frame holder

    1-Plastic Helmet

    1-Folding tie veil

    1-Pair of leather beekeeping gloves

    1-AP23 Pollen Patty

    1- Feeder Pail

    1-Super Brood DFM (Natural Probiotic Supplement)

    1-Backyard Beekeeper (book)