Hansen Honey Farm is a locally-owned family beekeeping operation in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. 

    What started as a hobby has quickly turned into a business that involves the whole family. Chris Hansen first became interested in bees by watching his father and grandfather keep bees when he was a child. In elementary school a local beekeeper gave a presentation to his class which piqued his interest even more. After a brief delay in getting started beekeeping on his own due to a family member's allergies, Chris finally began with his first 2 hives in 1998.

     Chris married his wife Jodie in 2003 and together they have grown this exciting business and continue to expand it every year. In 2015 they were able to purchase a new location which allowed them to open a retail store to sell their honey and a full line of beekeeping supplies. 

    The Hansen's enjoy providing the surrounding communities with fresh local honey, and serving other beekeepers in the Northwoods by providing bees, queens and other supplies.

     All of Hansen Honey Farm's honey is local to Northern Wisconsin. Why buy local? You can support your local economy, you know exactly where your honey came from, and your body may build up immunity to the pollen in your local flowers thereby reducing seasonal allergy symptoms. The honey is mostly clover with some alfalfa, basswood, and wildflower depending on the exact location of the hives.