Amino-B Booster

Amino-B Booster

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This is an all inclusive liquid protein with 20 amino acids vital for bee health.

Protein Benefits:

Stimulates brood rearing when there is no natural pollen or nectar, Stimulates a nectar flow and pollen bloom when using 1:1 sugar syrup with Honey-B-Healthy plus protein, Provides all vital amino acids plus 9 more, Adds many health benefits especially with the Honey-B-Healthy, larger, more robust and hardy bees, reinforces worn out stored pollen for late winter brood rearing. When fed in sugar water with Honey-B-Healthy stimulates rapid build-up of nucs, swarms, package bees and weak colonies. It can be used to help produce high quality queens by providing protein for royal jelly. It can be used as a “Protein drench” when bees take pollen substitutes very slowly: just spray or drizzle the Honey-B-Healthy Protein into the cluster area: bees will clean it up, store it and use it.