Apis Biologix- 15% Pollen Patties

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The Original Canadian pollen patties made better with Apis Biologix!

Why Apis Biologix? This is what Apisbiologix.com has to say:

•The first full spectrum amino acid profile

•The first to provide the critical neurotransmitter Gamma Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)

•The first to provide trace mineral replacement / supplementation for apiaries existing within an agricultural context.

•The first to bring you the leading edge science of microbially produced menaquinones (Bacillus Subtilis / Vitamin k2 – MK7), following natures intricate design.

•The first to bring you the leading edge science of Bifidobacterium produced metabolites (or post biotics) through delivery / application of our proprietary BIO-ACTIVE profile.

WARNING: Feeding protein patties during winter months will trigger the bees to raise brood, which may cause adverse effects.

40lb case does not qualify for free shipping