Bee Cozy 2-Storey

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Bee Cozy winter wraps have shielded Honey bees from harsh Canadian winter for over 25 years. These easy to use – slip-on, slip-off – UV treated Polypropylene wraps contain environmentally friendly R8 fiberglass, jest the insulating layer your bees need to winter successfully. the bee Cozy protects your hives from freezing winter temperatures and provides a windbreak for breezy locations. Slip the Bee Cozy on your bee hives in late fall to prevent unnecessary heat loss and conserve feed stores. Your bees will brood up faster. so you can split earlier in the spring and be ready for the honey flow. the bee cozy helps beekeepers to ‘wrap up’ overwintering and move into spring with stronger, healthier brood and bees!

How to use the Bee cozy, Video Click Here