Beginner Beekeeping Class

Beginner Beekeeping Class

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This will be a 2-part beginner beekeeping class. The class will include a Common Honey Bee Diseases Book and a Varroa Easy Check sample bottle.

You may mix and match options for class A and class B as it fits your schedule.

Class A will include: basic set-up, finding a location, necessary equipment, installing your bees and Q&A.

All classes will be held in the evening 6pm-8pm.

Option 1: February 2nd 2021;  Option 2: February 23rd 2021;  Option 3: March 9th 2021


Class B will include: how and what to feed your bees, pest management (bears, mites and viruses), producing and harvesting honey, and winter preparation.

Option 1: February 11th 2021;  Option 2: February 25th 2021;  Option 3: March 11th 2021

*Other members of the same household may attend for free with a paid attendee.