Oxalic Acid

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Api-Bioxal, your registered solution for oxalic acid treatment.

Api-bioxal is an oxalic-based Varroa knock-down treatment, developed specifically for honey bees, officially registered by the USDA and approved by the E.P.A. This means that the product is conceived, manufactured and controlled to guarantee the safety:
• Of the beekeeper that will handle the oxalic acid.
• Of the honey bee colonies themselves.
• And of course of the safety of the consumers of hive products from treated colonies.

Package sizes: 35g, 175g and 350g
Shelf life : 5 years


When to use Api-bioxal?

Winter:We recommend using Api-Bioxal in late fall or winter, when there is little to no brood (ideally few weeks after the first frost).

If you wish to use Api-Bioxal in Spring or Summer:
• Do not treat during honey flows
• Be aware that brood presence will impear the final efficacy: ideally, halt egg laying by the queen for 25 days prior to treatment (i.e., queen caging).

How to use Api-bioxal?

DRIBBLE: Dribble 5ml of the solution onto the bees in each occupied bee space with a syringe or an applicator. Maximum dose: 50ml per colony.

For Dribble: Dissolve oxalic acid in 1:1: sugar syrup as follows: 35g Api-bioxal (1.24oz) + 1L of syrup (0.26gal)

SUBLIMATION: 1g of Api-Bioxal per hive.
Seal the entrance and cracks oh the hives with tape. Use the vaporizer following the manufacturer’s directions.

You can also spray package bees following the label instructions.


• Always wear a protective mask, gloves, glasses, long sleeves, long pants, socks and shoes when mixing and applying oxalic acid.
• Oxalic acid works best on colonies with little to no brood.
• Do not perform multiple treatments on each generation of summer or winter bees.
• Do not treat during honey flows and wait 14 days before adding honey supers.
• Treat all colonies in the apiary at the same time to avoid reinfestation

Not Available in California