Small Cell Wired Foundation 4.9mm 8 ½”

Small Cell Wired Foundation 4.9mm 8 ½”

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Small Cell Beeswax Foundation 4.9
It is a fact that varroa mites have a difficult time reproducing on worker brood raised in small cell comb. So, if you are an
experienced beekeeper who has an experimental nature, this may be an opportunity for you to move ahead of the chemical
control crowd with your honey bee management.
Why a 5.1?
Many recommend a transition from the standard 5.4 to the 4.9 cell foundation allowing the bees to adjust more readily and help avoid the erratic comb drawing that can occur with a direct downsizing from the 5.4 to the 4.9 — thus a middle step with the 5.1
8 1/2 X 16 3/4 LH Wired Small Cell 4.9mm Beeswax Foundation 10 sheets per package