Beginners Ultimate Hive Kit

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We were asked to create a beginners package that would include the basic equipment to get started and a complete hive ready for bees. So here is our, Ultimate Beginners Hive Kit  Kit includes;, 2- Deep Hive Bodies with frames and foundation, 2- Honey Supers with frames and foundation all are un-assembled, unless requested (additional charges apply), Bee Smart Cover with Inner cover and Bee Smart top hive feeder.

Additional Equipment Included:  1-4x7 Smoker w/heat shield, 1- Economy 9.5" Hive tool, Bee brush, Round Handled Frame Grip, 9 Frame Spacing Tool and Frame Holder

Optional, Choice of Bottom Boards, Bee Smart Hive Stand with built in frame holder (assembly required), Excluder, Gloves, and Bee Helmet or Jacket.

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