Honey-B-Healthy Plus

Honey-B-Healthy Plus

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HONEY-B-HEALTHY® Plus: is a special essential oil emulsion and when used with Honey-B-Healthy®, Amino-B Healthy® and/or Vitamin-B Healthy™, produces a synergistic (amplified) effect. When used alone, Super Plus has been shown to help keep hives cleaner while improving overall colony health. We have observed that, when combined with any combination of other Honey-B-Healthy® products, Super Plus will accelerate consumption of the feeding mix. While any of our products can be used by themselves, we do advise that Amino-B Booster® be combined with Original Honey-B-Healthy or Honey-B-Healthy® Super Plus to help keep this liquid protein stable. (Amino-B Booster® provides the protein amino acids the bees need). Vitamin B Healthy™ provides the bees with needed vitamins and minerals. All of our products are made of food grade ingredients in an FDA Registered food manufacturing facility. However, they are not intended for human consumption.