AP23 Dry

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AP23 stands for artificial pollen and is the 23rd formulation to be developed and tested to date.  It is formulated to deliver all of the nutrient levels, in a highly palatable blend of specifically selected ingredients. It is a high protein feed developed for all levels of beekeepers. It helps maintain colony strength by boosting populations, which result in better crop pollination and honey crops. When mixing dry AP23 into patties we recommend adding 1lb of dry table sugar per 1lb of AP23. After mixing the two dry ingredients one should add enough sugar water or high fructose corn syrup so that the product mixes to a cookie dough consistency. Adding additional dry table sugar will help increase consumption of this product as it has a very high protein content. Fructose will keep patty in a cookie dough consistency longer. Sugar water added to the patty will harden after a couple of weeks