Hive Alive Supplement

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HiveAlive is a feed supplement combining ingredients of a bio-active nature (seaweeds + thyme + lemongrass) to promote intestinal well-being and strengthen bee colonies. Thanks to the super-concentrated formula, you only need a little HiveAlive to go a long way (only 2.5ml per litre of syrup).

The scientifically validated benefits of HiveAlive™

  • -15% reduction in overwintering mortality (1)
  • +89% increase in colony population (1)
  • +35% increase in amount of brood (2)
  • Increase in honey production (2)
  • Intestinal well-being / Healthy colonies
  • Prevents syrup from fermenting
  • Available in different sizes: 100ml, 500ml, 2 litres, 10 litres.

HiveAlive: Unique and natural ingredients

HiveAlive™ uses only natural active ingredients scientifically selected for maximum benefits to promote intestinal wellbeing in honey bees, thereby strengthening colonies and maximize honey production.


Using a patented process, a unique combination of MacroAlgae extracts, some found only on the coast of Ireland, was developed by experts in nutrition and marine biology. MacroAlgae are internationally recognized to have beneficial properties in both animal and human and to sustain intestinal well-being.

Thyme oil

HiveAlive uses a unique emulsification process to ensure it blends easily into sugar syrup and does not cause separation or re-crystallization.


Calms the bees and makes sugar syrup attractive to them.

HiveAlive does not contain Genetically Modified (GM) ingredients, antibiotics, harsh chemicals or sodium lauryl sulfate.


How to use Hive Alive, Click Here