Saskatraz Queens

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Now taking pre-orders for Spring 2024.

Our Saskatraz Queens come from a producer in the Glenn County area of Northern California.

During the shipping season orders placed on Thursday & Friday may not be shipped until the following Monday unless special arrangements are made.

Queens may be picked-up in the store also.

Saskatraz breeder queen traits:

  • Excellent honey production
  • Good wintering ability
  • Selected for increased varroa tolerance and resistance to brood diseases
  • Show increased hygienic behavior

Queen Orders of 8 or Less will be shipped in 3 Hole queen cages with attendants. Shipped in a envelope or small overnite box

Queen Order of 9+ will be shipped in Mini Cages with candy tubes in a bag under the queens. Shipped in a Screen Shipping Box with loose bulk bees.

Quantity Price
1 - 8 $39.33
9 - 28 $37.33
29 - 56 $35.33
57 + $34.33